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Hengcheng Electronics Co.,Ltd.

HCE makes top quality cross flow fans in the market since 2002.
Who we are and what we can do for you:
☆ 12 years fireplace blowers production history
☆ world class manufacturing facilities
☆ An ISO certified lean manufacturing process
☆ High quality at affordable price with CE/ UL motors at insulation class H
☆ 10,000㎡workshop and 106 workers
☆ capacity: 1.5-2 million pcs/year of AC/DC/EC cross flow fans
☆ HCE America Inc. offers local service and quick response to North America
☆ HCE Europe Centre offers local service from Paris for European customers.
We have fireplace blowers in 60mm impeller at length 120mm,180mm,240mm and 300mm which can totally replace the expensive brands in the market.
We are here to offer you “high quality+lower cost+ local inventory+excellent service”.




Add: No.655 Qiming Road,Yinzhou Investment Industry Park, Ningbo,China-315104

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